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Thinking about how to spend your Saturday unwinding before the start of your week?

Nehsan Selvaraj in Classical Connection; A perfect nightingale treat for classical music lovers, and you are invited!

Spearheaded by Nehsan Group, the live musical concert is all set to take place on 30th July 2022 (Saturday) from 7.30 pm onwards at Experimental Theatre, University Malaya in the heart of the nation’s capital. People packed the pews for the latest concert as it’s a new initiative by a talented young classical musician on a mission to bring the music he loves to a wider audience.

Speaking to Varnam Malaysia, Nehsan stated that he had his own objective of coming up with such a beautiful concept of a live musical concert.

Classical Connection is a unique musical experience specially tailored, tweaked, and rearranged by Nehsan Selvaraj. A concert beyond music. It will be a communication between soul to soul through music.

When it comes to Classical music/Carnatic music, people always say it is too tedious and a waste of time to listen to. But most folks are unaware that many cinema songs are composed by famous composers based on many beautiful raagam in Indian classical music. They carry the raagam as a foundation to form a melody and breathe life into the lyrics.

“For me classical music is communication between soul and super soul. When the singer feels and emphasises each melody, lyrics or song, it emotionally connects the listener.” – Nehsan

Nehsan has set his mind on delivering something very unique with a connection to Indian Classical music to the audience. He hopes to change the perspective of the future generation towards classical Indian music, with a positive outlook that they will start showing interest in Carnatic music, at the same time appreciating its beauty and, most importantly to prove to them that classical music isn’t boring after all.

The classical Connection concert will focus on authentic classical songs to the fusion of classical pieces. The songs for this concert were carefully selected from the legendary Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar, Muthuswami Dikshitar, Otthukaadu Venkata Kavi, Papanasam Ramayyaya Sivam to the modern world of AR Rahman, Pritam, Ilaiyara, Viswanathan Ramamoorthy, Madan Mohan and many more.

It goes without saying that a live musical experience is an emotion. From Chinnanchiru Kiliye, Enna Thavam to Minsara Kanna, Mere Dolna Sun, Nehsan will grace the event with his harmonic voice as a lead vocal accompanied by well-known talented Mridangist Jayaram Iyer from Dubai and talented Violinist Cherthala C S Syam from Kerala, India.

What a great choice for a first classical concert!

But, spearheading a concert is not a cakewalk journey for this multitasker. Everything seemed to be fine at least until early June 2022, and then came the announcement of back-to-back concerts in Malaysia led by famous artists from India.

Asking about his major challenge to organise his dream concert:

‘It is a rough patch moment for us to stand out and convince people to attend the concert. Despite having a very great intention and goal for this concert, we are receiving significantly less support from our Malaysian audience.’

All of us recognise Nehsan as a successful entrepreneur and also a former newscaster for Bernama. But, how many of us actually knew that the 23-year-old young lad is also a good singer?

From singing cover songs to releasing his first-ever Malay single Damailah Engkau, Nehsan is going places to date. Indeed, Nehsan’s goosebumps-inducing voice will eventually fill your heart with joy and can make you teary-eyed with happiness.

Speaking about the preparations that he underwent amid the pressure and of course juggling with his career and passion, this concert came to reality with lots of hard work, consistency, dedication and absolute passion for music by everyone contributing to this concert. Classical Connection, an event beyond the concert, will give you a unique experience.

When we spend hundreds of ringgit supporting artists who have been flown in from India without thinking twice, why not attend and support the overflowing talent of our Malaysian crooners? Watching the magic of Nehsan Selvaraj In Classical Connection should be on your bucket list. To get your tickets to Nehsan Selvaraj in Classical Connection Live in Kuala Lumpur, click HERE.

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