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February 26,2020: It is a great news to hear that Nehsan Selvaraj is soon coming up with his Malay single named “Damailah Engkau”.

Nehsan is an inspiring youth from Malaysia that has grown himself from zero to a hero. His achievements in his career is inspiring and motivating. From losing his voice in an accident at the age of thirteen to growing himself to be the fame of Astro Superstar in the year 2018, he made a great come back. His melodious voice has also given him the opportunity to perform duos with international singers.

The remarkable singer Nehsan has signed up an agreement with Universal Music Malaysia as an official digital distributor for "Damailah Engkau" music video. The agreement took place in Universal Music Malaysia headquarters on 24th February 2020.  

“Damailah Engkau” is born from the collaboration with the leading music composer Sharon Paul, renowned poet Shah Shamshiri and of course Nehsan’s astonishing voice. The song is produced by Fantast Production and  directed by Dannyhan Miskam. Nehsan underwent vocal training with Enrico Fridlevski, former music producer from Universal Studio, Paris. He has also trained his vocal with Cikgu Shafi from Shafi Vocal Studio.

People reparation for the song “Damailah Engkau” started in April 2019 when Malay music industry approached him with this great opportunity. The song is expected to be released in March 2020 through all digital platforms.

The video song has been recorded in Malaysia featured by Nehsan, Lofea Yusof and some other supporting talents. When asked about the idea behind the song Nehsan said that it is to show the blissfulness of spending our time with our loved ones. This idea came when Nehsan realised that sometimes, we tend to forget our loved ones while chasing our busy life. He said that it will be a soulful song. 

He also mentioned his heartfelt thanks to those who worked together for the song to be successful. 

“Damailah Engkau” is expected to be a great debut for Nehsan in his career in music video industry as he has plans to diversify his music career in Arabic music, with the expectations to be the first ever Malaysian to step into Dubai and UAE music industry.

To know more about the music video  “Damailah Engkau” and Nehsan Selvaraj’s inspiring life style you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  Facebook and Linkedin.

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